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Tuesday April 6, 2010 | April 6, 2010

If you do what you have always done, you will get what you always got!

There is no amount of wisdom that rings any truer than those words.  If you have something that is working for you… KEEP it up.  However, if you are not getting stellar results and you keep plodding along… you will keep plodding along!

Shake up your day,  start experimenting with some of the easy but often the most effective things you can do…

  1. NEVER eat alone!  Relationships build business!  Take someone to lunch and pick their brain on how you can help them do more business.  Guess what, they will want to help you do the same too.
  2. Write an article or Post on a Blog something that adds credibility and establishes you as an expert.  Today, free access to the internet has elevated many people who can be articulate and helped them position themselves in a very positive light…  Why not you?
  3. Take a different path.  Even if it is just driving home via a different route, you may experience an Aha moment by seeing how others are doing business.  There is nothing new under the sun just different ways to apply an idea.  What works for a dentist may work for you!
  4. Laugh out Loud… It is surprising how important a good laugh can be to your creative juices.  It is important to have perspective if you want to be excited and exciting.  People BUY enthusiasm.  Do you have any?
  5. Read a book… there are books everywhere, some for free, some for a small charge, some available online… even ones you can listen to on your I-Pod or MP3.  Invest your time in something that will get you some mileage.  My friend Crystal Lorenzetti co-wrote a book…

Make Your Networks Matter – Turn The People You Meet Into Profitable Client$

Download a FREE Preview copy and purchase the entire ebook for only $19.99 at

To your Success!


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