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Easy to Do | May 16, 2009

I have a choice in all things.  Most of the stuff in my life is “easy” to do or “easy” not to do.  I can be kind and thoughtful or choose to focus on myself.
I can cheat on my taxes or take the maximum fair deductions and no more.
I can make choices at a meal, saying one burger or dessert won’t kill me but ONE a day will result in 20 extra pounds.
I can pick up the phone and make a business call or procrastinate, finding something else “urgent” that must be done.
I have choices in all things. Those “easy” choices are like little drops of water frozen, that bring down mountains over time.
Today, I make the “easy” choice to be more effective.   When I plan to succeed, I elimate the wrong choices.  I map out a strategy for success and then the poor options are off the table.  I “Just Do IT”.

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