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Easy to Do

May 16, 2009
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I have a choice in all things.  Most of the stuff in my life is “easy” to do or “easy” not to do.  I can be kind and thoughtful or choose to focus on myself.
I can cheat on my taxes or take the maximum fair deductions and no more.
I can make choices at a meal, saying one burger or dessert won’t kill me but ONE a day will result in 20 extra pounds.
I can pick up the phone and make a business call or procrastinate, finding something else “urgent” that must be done.
I have choices in all things. Those “easy” choices are like little drops of water frozen, that bring down mountains over time.
Today, I make the “easy” choice to be more effective.   When I plan to succeed, I elimate the wrong choices.  I map out a strategy for success and then the poor options are off the table.  I “Just Do IT”.

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Gimme an N, Gimme an E…

May 12, 2009
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What’s that spell?  NETWORK

I have become a cheerleader for NETWORKING!  Making our way in a tough economic climate, having an active and healthy NetWork spells survival.

I have joined BNI, the professional and international organization begun by Ivan Misner.  It is amazing what a truly committed group of 20-25 professionals can do to help one another when the chips are down.  And the economy of 2009 qualifies.  The training that is available, the focus that is placed on assisting each member to understand how referrals can and should work is truly an awesome sight to behold.   If you follow the guidelines,  business growth is not only possible but likely.

Check out and visit a chapter near you!

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